Friday, March 03, 2006

Safe on Deck

Dear Gang,
This is going to be short, just to let you know that I made it home safe on deck!! After six months of being very healthy without one sick day, I’m down with a bug. Things are kind of crazy here with a couple of days off before I have to fly back to N.C. to be demobilized from the Marine Corps and back to my old job.
I can tell you that after a couple days of no sleep, a plane breaking in Shannon Ireland (lots of beer) and finally arriving in Cherry Point to see my folks and wife waiting for me, it was all worth it!! I need to go away a couple more times just to get this kind of home coming from everyone!! My Mom/Dad and wife made big signs on sheets and Taco Bell signs that greeted me when we got off the bus at Cherry Point. There were a couple of funny things that happened and I’ll jump on next week to start putting my thoughts down on paper.
Being home with the family is the most incredible feeling! I love it. Plan on a couple of postings soon. Until then, take care and God Bless!!
Semper Fi,